CH GreenLeaf's Driftin' On A Memory           x       UWP GRCH TriTek's Carmel Haze Over BV
CH BV's My Roots Run Deep at FRK
Owned & Loved by Mary & Chad
BV/Jolib's Night At The Opera
Owned & Loved by Julia & Doug
BV/GLK's Wrong Kinda Paradise
Owned by BlueValley Kennels
BV's Astronomical Phenominon
Owned & Loved by Amy of
Dynamic Dog Works
GrnLf's BV Exclusive Beauty
Owned, Handled & Loved by GreenLeaf Kennels
BV's Eva So Lovely
Owned & Loved by
BV's Here Come's The Sun
Owned & Loved by Teresa, John & Family
GRLF's Honnie
Owned & Loved by