Dog's Name:_________________________________
UKC #:______________________________________
ADBA #:_____________________________________
Birth Date:___________________________________
Earcrop: Allowed except super short crops (fighting crops)
Other Medical Records:_______________________
Pet/Show Prospect:___________________________


IMPORTANT: Those owners with sound ethics and a life-long dedication to the safety and protection of their dog and the American Pit
Bull Terrier as a breed, need have NO concern or fear of this contract. However, this is a serious contract designed to protect
primarily the puppy, but also the breeder as we are placing our kennel name in the hands of the proud new owners, the breed (which
is in mortal danger from unethical breeders and uncaring owners), and yes YOU the new owner who will be paying for a Blue Valley
Kennels puppy and YOU want that puppy to be of excellent temperament, conformation, and health.

All questions and concerns must be addressed to Blue Valley Kennels prior to the submission of any deposit and/or purchase funds.
All dogs from Blue Valley Kennels MUST be family dogs, raised and socialized as part of a family not as outdoor dogs or kennel dogs.
We also have a strict "NO CHAINS POLICY", no dogs shall be left on chains. If you must detain your dog for a short time (work, school,
shopping) it is best to leave them in a crate in your house, a securely fenced yard, an outside kennel w/ lock, or dog run. Dogs are
pack animals and they must be part of a close knit family pack to maintain emotional and mental stability. Please note that because of
their nature the American Pit Bull Terrier should not be used for protection, guard, attack, or ring sport. There are many breeds bred
specifically for these purposes especially GUARDIAN BREEDS such as the German Shepherd, Mastiff, Rott. etc... Also note that
APBT's CAN BE animal aggressive. We socialize our puppies with other dogs, but you must continue to socialize them once they are
in your home, this is best done by attending an obedience class, & daily walks to the park (dog parks are not recommended, since
most dogs are running free & may scare your pup).

The reference, in this document, of dog (DOG) shall be the one referred to above, the breeder shall be Blue Valley Kennels (Our
Names/Seller), the buyer shall be referred to as the owner or co-owner.

A. If within 72 hours of the date of sale you believe the dog to be sick, you agree to return it to us at your own expense and we will
refund the purchase price (less shipping & deposit) or return the dog to you in well condition. Should the puppy die, the buyer must
supply the breeder with a written veterinarians' statements of cause of death and any treatment given. If death is caused by accident
or poisoning purchase price will not be refunded.

B. The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills or other bills the owner may incur after the purchase of the dog.

C. All dogs carry a 1 year guarantee against Veterinarian Proven "genetic" health defects (hip, elbow  dysplasia, eyes), this guarantee
is ONLY against PROVEN inherited disorders that would dramatically shorten the normal life-span of said dog. If Genetic Defects are
present, buyer must supply the breeder with a veterinarians' statement of health condition of dog. The dog owner will be refunded only
the purchase price or provided a replacement dog, whichever the breeder chooses. It will be the breeders choice if the original dog
in a replacement situation shall be neutered/spayed and left with the owner or returned to the breeder. Puppies/Dogs will not be
refunded or replaced due to unethical care of the dog which results in health problems, or death of the dog (which includes over-
working pups).

D. The dog will be registered with the Kennel Name (Blue Valley or BV's) in the registered name on the official registration paperwork
from UKC and/or ADBA. Co-owns will be named upon placement. Of course you can call your dog anything you wish but the registered
name must remain indefinitely with the given Blue Valley Kennel name.

If Dog is an unaltered. To maintain Seller's kennel reputation and bloodline, Buyer specifically covenants and consents to the

1. Dogs purchased as "Show Dogs" that attend no less than 2 sanctioned UKC/ADBA shows per year, will qualify for Rewards.
Rewards shall be given for any titles such as CH ($25), GR CH ($50), ACE ($25), ACE of ACE ($50), UCD ($25), CGC ($25) etc..

2. All breedings of dog must be for betterment of the breed and following the UKC/AKC and/or Parent Club Breeder Code of Ethics. http:

3. Dog and bitches shall only be bred to stud dogs and/or bitches registered and by the United Kennel Club (U.K.C.) and/or ADBA,
and/or AKC.

4. Female dogs are not to be bred before the age of 24 months old (2 yrs), or bitches second heat whichever comes last. Any male or
female dog must be tested for brucellosis before breeding & be of sound health & conformation.

5. Under no circumstances shall Buyer, successors or assignees, allow dog's papers or pedigree to be used to falsely register
another dog within any dog or pet registry. Should Buyer violate this covenant, Buyer shall be liable to Seller for $5,000.00 in
liquidated damages, plus all attorney fees and costs incurred to achieve a remedy. Buyer specifically agrees that no judgment for
liquidated damages shall be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

6. Owner herewith specifically grants Power of Attorney to breeder, to allow breeder in owner's name to claim the dog who is the
subject of this contract from any Animal Shelter, Animal control facility, Humane Society, SPCA, or Animal Rescue facility, should the
dog be held in any such place or facility. Owner holds the sheltering authority, agency, or party harmless for turning over the dog to

7. Accepted show organizations and registries are UKC, IWPA, AKC CKC, ADBA, International, and American Rare Breed only, if the
dog is registered or shown with any other registry Blue Valley Kennels or the breeder needs to be notified prior to registration of the
dog, if written consent is not given prior to registration of the dog Blue Valley has the right to take the dog back from the owner/co-
owner with no compensation to the owner/co-owner.

8. The breeder reserves the right to inquire about and inspect the dogs housing and quarters at any given (reasonable) time. If the
breeder finds the dog in an unsanitary and/or in poor health condition, the breeder has the right to take the dog back from the owner
with no compensation to the owner.

9. Dog shall not be used for any illegal activities (including fighting), or trained to be aggressive toward humans or other animals
(some APBT's do show a natural animal aggression, but it should not be encouraged). If said dog is found to be mistreated or used for
illegal activities, Breeder has the right to take the dog back from the owner with no compensation to the owner.

10. Dogs when introduced into new surroundings are sometimes inclined to exhibit shyness and inactivity. In some instances they
may refuse to eat. After becoming adapted to their new environment they will readily accept you as their new master and the food you
offer. Your care and attention will aid in overcoming the shyness of the new quarters.

11. Dogs sold as pets must be fixed by 6 months of age.

We the breeder are now the grandparents of your new puppy and as grandparents we appreciate all news related to our progeny
especially pictures, brags, news of accomplishments, problems with training or anything we could help you with. You as the new
owner have a great 10+ year responsibility to maintain your dogs emotional and physical well-being. Maintain a sound feeding
program. You must also agree to provide quality obedience training and socialization for your dog. We also suggest crate training for
new puppy.

Owner agrees to Insure continued health of the dog or bitch by regular veterinarian check-ups.
Ear cropping is allowed but style must be appropriate. Fighting crops (very short stubby ears) are against our contract. Maintain
proper immunization and keep them up to date.

For the first month, plan on keeping puppy at home (except for visits to the vet and short trips to accustom him to riding in the car)
until he/she is at least 16 weeks old. This is because puppies get their initial immunity to disease from their mother. As the pup
grows, he is vaccinated for continued protection from several potentially fatal viruses and bacterial infections. However, there is
usually a gap in protection as mother's immunity decreases and administered immunity increases to a safe level.

APBT's REQUIRE daily exercise for mental and physical well-being. Lack of proper exercise will result in the dog seeking other ways
to release pent up energy such as chewing your shoes, furniture, walls or any other available and expensive items. Our dogs go on
daily walks, weight pull, chase tennis balls, go hiking etc. This will continue until they go across to the other side. The responsibility,
love, and care you give your dog will be returned many times in the years ahead.

By signing this contract you are also stating the following. If for any reason you as the owner cannot or do not wish to keep this
animal, you will contact the breeder 60 days before disposing of or giving this animal away. In the event that you plan to dispose or
give the dog away, you agree to provide the breeder the guaranteed right to take the dog back without refunding of purchase price. As
the owner you do not under any circumstance have the right to sell this dog without the expressed and written consent of the breeder.
If you contact the breeder & we agree you can re-home, than we will give you a written release to sell the dog & will assist you in
placing the dog in a good home otherwise dog will come back to us.

In the event that this contract is broken and the dog is transferred to someone else in that breach, the dog will be considered stolen.
The breeder has the right to take the dog back from the new owner with no compensation to the new owner. Should Buyer/or John
Does violate this covenant, Buyer/and all other John Doe shall be liable to Seller (breeder) for $5,000.00 in liquidated damages, plus
all attorney fees and costs incurred to achieve a remedy or get the dog back to breeder. Any deletions or changes to this contract
shall be lined out and initialed by both parties, additional amendments will be noted on the back of this sheet followed by the signature
of both parties.

ALL DOGS HAVE A $300.00 (Three hundred dollar) NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. This deposit will not be returned SHOULD THE BUYER
CHANGE THEIR MIND, falsify any information provided to Breeder, OR RETURN THE DOG FOR ANY OTHER REASON THAN THOSE
The deposit may be transferred to the next litter, if the puppy of your choice becomes ill or dies. This deposit signifies intent on the
behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy. Seller reserves the right to void this transaction
and will refund deposit minus any expenses incurred including time spent.

Purchase price of puppy $__________ Less Deposit - $300.00 = balance due of $___________ +
shipping $___________ (if it applies to your puppy)

Deposit paid with: Check ____ Money Order____ Cash____ PayPal____

(A personal check is fine for deposit) BALANCE TO BE PAID BY TIME PUPPY IS 7 WEEKS OLD

The deposit amount of $300 is required to hold the puppy of your choice. The outstanding balance shall be paid in cash, money order,
cashiers check, personal check or Paypal before the purchaser obtains possession of the puppy. Deposit and/or balance may be paid
via Paypal, but 3% must be added to the amount being paid. That is what they charge me for usage of the system.

Both parties agree that the puppy will be shipped at sellers’ earliest convenience after 8 weeks of age, if we are shipping via the
airlines. If the puppy is being picked up at our home the puppy must be picked up between 7 and 8 weeks of age, unless other
arrangements have been made in writing and shown below.

Shipping is $250-$325 depending on avail flights & airlines (when shipped within the US), which includes Airline ticket, crate, collar,
toy, & health certificate. Seller reserves the right to choose the airline (Airline reservations are made 3 to 4 days before puppy is to be
shipped to buyer & the ticket for the puppy is paid for at the terminal the day the puppy is shipped). If you wish to use another airline
please let us know.


Female co-own will be as  follows unless other agreement has been made.

*** bitch will remain in both new owner & breeder's name with breeders address for UKC contact information.
***  bitch will be titled prior to breeding unless other arrangements have been made.
***  bitch will be no younger than 24 months old on her first breeding.
***  bitch & stud will require neg. blood test prior to breeding.
***  stud dog will be agreed upon the first breeding that the breeder requests their puppy back from.
*** breeder will received 1st pick puppy back off said females first litter, breeder pays shipping cost for puppy back.
*** after that time the breeder will sign the female over to the owner.
*** if at anytime the breeder does not feel the female is of breeding quality the breeder will ask that said female be spayed & will offer
a replacement female off the next litter available If "owner" chooses not to spay said bitch they have the right to buyout the female at
an agreed price & no puppy back will be needed.

Male co-own will be as  follows unless other agreement has been made.

*** stud dog will be titled prior to being bred.
*** stud dog will not be bred prior to 1.5 yrs of age.
*** stud & bitch will require a neg. blood test prior to breeding.
*** breeder will be allowed 2 stud rights back from said stud dog or 1 puppy back off a litter off said stud dog.
*** if at anytime the breeder does not feel the stud is of breeding quality the breeder will ask that said stud dog be neutered & will offer
a replacement male off the next litter available. If "owner" chooses not to neuter said stud dog  they have the right to buyout the male
at an agreed price & no stud back will be needed.

I have read the above, understand and am in agreement with this contract.

Purchaser ____________________________________ Date __________

Purchaser Address ___________________________________________

City __________________________________________________

State ____________ Zip ____________

Phone (_____) ____________

I will be picking up the puppy _________

I would like puppy shipped________

Major airport puppy would be flying into: _________________________________________


Buyer’s signature _________________________________________ Date__________________

Seller’s signature__________________________________________ Date_________________

I, the seller, will sign and return a copy of this contract to you in the mail as soon as I receive it along with your
deposit. Failure to return your contract within 1 month from date of sale will void contract.