I like to know a little bit about who I am selling my pups to since I feel like they are all my babies...lol.... I
do have a puppy contract to protect the  puppy, new owner & myself....it includes a 1 yr health guarantee
against Genetic Health Problems & offers incentives if you show your pup or compete in Events.

If you have any questions about the contract or puppy info contact me anytime.....
Email address:
Phone number:
Reason you are purchasing a puppy:
New Family Pet
Future Show Dog
Future Weight Pull Dog
Future Breeding Dog
What Gender Are You Interested In?
Litter/Breeding/Puppy You Are Interested In?
Ringo x Magna Litter
Are you over 18 yrs old?
What State & County do you live?
(I like to check for BSL's)
Have you owned an APBT before?
If no, have you researched the breed?
How many dogs do you currently
Do you own or rent?
Will the pup be an inside or outside pet?
Do you have a secure fenced yard or kennel?
Do you plan to use a chain to contain your
Have you reviewed my puppy contract?
If you own a kennel please provide a link to your site:
How did you hear about us?? (search, referral, website)
Feel free to tell us more about you & your family: